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HCC can help you with all your NCLEX needs. We offer Free NCLEX Tools such as Free Study Plans, NCLEX chat, NCLEX Flash Cards, Free NCLEX sample tests and many fun ways to learn. Our product selection contains the best products to prepare for NCLEX exam. NCLEX Study Guides are available in a variety of plans.

Easing the Nursing Shortage

NCLEX Study Zone

The majority of our website is buiilt in Flash. We don't want to leave anyone out so we have provided a portion of our site in pure HTML. It's not near as pretty but functionality is the important part here so you can prepare for the NCLEX. You could visit Macromedia to download what you may need.

NCLEX Study Plans


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HCC Success Tips


Day by Day Study Plans for LPNs and RN

We have created these study plans for the nursing students that want day by day guidance to get through the NCLEX preparation. These plans were created by Teena Harrison, MSN, FNP-C who has instructed NCLEX Review for years. Our Study Plans are centered around the HCC NCLEX Review book and reference several products to acheive a well rounded preparation. The materials referenced can be found in the NCLEX Mall and purchased separately as needed or in a package and save big bucks.

To decide which plan fits you best read through each one and choose one that best fits your schedule. When you decide on one, fill out the form at the bottom and the Study Plan will be emailed to you.

LPN 4 Week Study Plan
LPN 6 Week Study Plan

RN 4 Week Study Plan
RN 8 Week Study Plan
RN 12 Week Study Plan


Packages Offered in the NCLEX Mall:

NCLEX To Go - Our audio series of questions answers and rationales. Available as NCLEX MP3s or NCLEX CDs
NCLEX Master Plan - Everything you need to pass, we guarantee. The best Review you can do at home.
NCLEX and Beyond - Everything you need to pass and even great resources to use on the job


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Health Career Concepts Success Tips

  1.   The NCLEX Hospital is NOT THE REAL WORLD!
  2. Correct responses are Textbook answer
  3. You will have enough staff and equipment to properly care for the patients.
  4. You only have one patient in the NCLEX hospital so choose your answers accordingly.
  5. In the our Study Zone, everything is perfect theory and perfect situation.
  6. Read ALL of the answer choice before choosing a response.
  7. Utilize Maslow! Physiological needs will take priority over psychosocial needs.
  8. NEVER delegate: assessment, teaching or evaluation.
  9. Delegate based on competency not preference.
  10. Choose open-ended questions. This provide for therapeutic communication.
  11. You should choose to stay with the client if all physiological needs have been met.
  12. Remember the 3 components for psychosocial questions: Reality, Validation and Reorientation.
  13. Choose responses that give true, factual information.
  14. Memorize normal lab values.
  15. Be familiar with sign and symptoms of abnormal lab values.
  16. Review standard norms. Do not choose responses based on your own experience
  17. Let us add you to the NCLEX Wall of Fame

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Items to Memorize

You will need to memorize some items before you can rapidly assess to apply that knowledge to a particular situation. Items you should memorize include, but are not limited to:

  • Names of common drugs
  • Lethal and therapeutic doses
  • Lab norms and values
  • Growth and Development norms
  • Food high or low in iron, protein, sodium, potassium. And carbohydrates
  • Conversion formulas
  • Anatomical names
  • List of cranial nerves
  • Definitions of defense mechanisms

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NCLEX Audio series

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